The Hong Kong University of Science and                         Technology, Hong Kong


Professor, Division of Life Science, and Division of Bioengineering

Director, the Biological NMR Center, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2016-).


Biophysics, NMR Spectroscopy, Structural Biology.  Areas of focus: (1) Biological NMR of nucleic acids, proteins, and their complexes with ligand molecules.(2) Development of multidimensional NMR spectroscopic methods for structure-function studies of biomolecules.

(3) Structure-functional study of proteins in human DNA replication. (4) lead compound screening and design by NMR. (5) Biophysics.

Ph.D and M. phil Students:

W.MAN(Mphil 1999), XZ.Yan(Ph.D 2000), D.Man(Ph.D 2002), KL.Chan(Ph.D 2004),

X.Wu(Ph.D 2006), B.Zhou(Ph.D 2007), J.Wang(Ph.D 2007), JS.Kan(Ph.D 2008),

CD.Liu(Ph.D 2010), Z.Wei(Ph.D 2010), H.Chen(Ph.D 2012), X.Li(Mphil 2013), NN. Xu

(Ph.D 2015), YY. Geng (Ph.D 2017), YG Ren (Ph.D 2018), TL. Lee (Ph.D 2018), Yinyin You (MD-Ph.D 2019)

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